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Welcome! B-Soc is on campus for Spring 2014

The Waterloo Engineering Society is a group that officially represents the interests of all engineering students to the faculty, university and beyond. We offer tons of services including: CnD, POETS Lounge, The Orifice, and several academic services such as Exam Bank and Resume Critiques. We also run dozens of social events every term to help students get out and have fun! Every engineering undergrad is a member, and everyone is welcome to participate!


Check out our calendar for the most up-to-date event listings, our facebook page or join our A-Soc mailing list or B-Soc mailing list to keep up to date on news regarding the events, student issues, and opportunities to get involved.

Message from the Presidents

It is with profound sadness that the Waterloo Engineering Society acknowledges the loss of one of it’s newest members. It was less than 24 hours prior that the two of us had the privilege of speaking to the entire engineering class of 2019 to officially welcome them to the Waterloo Engineering family, and already we must bear the heart-wrenching task of saying goodbye to one of our bright and aspiring first year students. This tragic incident has left us deeply saddened and we wish to express our sincerest condolences to the student’s family, friends, and fellow students.


Joint council is taking place on June 22nd at 10AM in DC 1351Joint council is an EngSoc meeting with both A and the B Societies that happens once a year in the summer. 

Engineering Society Leadership Excellence Award & First Year Award

Past winners of the award are listed here.

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Engineering Society Leadership Excellence Award

Award Description:

Engineering Society A Statements on the Federation of Students

At the Engineering Society A Council meeting on July 24th, the Society adopted two official statements regarding the Federation of Students. 
The first was a statement on the recent Engineering Counillor elections, and the second was on the recent Federation of Students General Meeting and its aftermath, and statements made by a specific Councillor and Board Member.
I, as President, was also mandated to read each of these statements at the next Federation of Students Council Meeting, which I did today (July 28th, 2013)

Guest Blogger: Anson Chen on the First Year Integration Conference in Thunder bay!

Oh hello!

I’m Anson Chen, from the 2017 Geological class and two weekends ago I had the honour of attending FYIC (First Year Integration Conference) in cold Thunder Bay along with 8 other first years from our school – Aaron, Clarisse, Dhruv, Eric, Janna, Laura, Sarah-Rose and Zach – as well as ESSCO Execs Leila, David and Mike! (Waterloo, represent!)